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Jim Pistol was a health and physical fitness expert who ran a live-in sanitarian for overweight men. He was a strong-willed man with light, wavy hair.

The fugitive Pear-Shape sought refuge with Pistol, who was unaware of Pear-Shape's criminal activities. Pistol enrolled Pear-Shape in his fitness course and forced him to exercise rigorously.

When Pear-Shape's presence in the sanitarium was detected, Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem arrived to investigate. Despite the fact that they were police officers with a search warrant, Pistol's defiant nature made him reluctant to cooperate. This inadvertently gave Pear-Shape enough time to escape in a helicopter.

Years later, Pear-Shape and Pistol became partners in a weight-loss/fitness business.


  • It was not established if Pistol faced any legal repercussions for his refusal to cooperate with the police (or possibly harboring a fugitive).