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Jim Donday was a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He had light, shoulder-length hair and wore a ring in his left ear. He was an angry young man with a dislike of authority figures.

Donday was arrested trying to use a stolen credit card. He attempted to use karate against Dick Tracy, but was subdued by Tracy's skill in hand-to-hand fighting. While in custody, trace material found on Donday's clothing connected him to series of random killings that had taken place in the city by someone using a sniper rifle. Donday was also suspected of having committed a bank robbery in New York City in which two police officers had been killed.

Claiming to have found religion, Donday asked that his long hair (a symbol of his rebellious nature) be cut off. Tracy suspected that Donday's actual motive was to change his appearance so that witnesses could not identify him. Tracy granted Donday's request.

The short-haired Donday was identified by witnesses to the bank robbery. He was further implicated when his fingerprints were found to match those in a rubber glove that had been left behind at the scene of the crime.

Donday accepted defeat in relative good humor and was last seen playing the guitar in his cell. He had abandoned his ruse of religiosity.


  • The name Jim Donday might have been derived from the phrase "jim-dandy", which is typically used to indicate that something is good or excellent. There had also been popular song in 1956 about a heroic character named Jim Dandy.