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Jez was a member of the Li'l Dropout Club. He had light eyes and thick dark hair . He was shown to work with Burly on occasion.

Jez killed a man during a robbery. The victim's widow was able to provide a description of Jez that allowed Junior Tracy to produce an accurate sketch.

Burly and Jez planned to rob (and possibly assault) Moon Maid as she returned home from selling a joke to Chet Jade. Moon Maid detected their criminal intent and shocked them with her paralyzing ray. Burly and Jez laid in the snow until they were discovered by Patrolman Ryan. Ryan recognized Jez from Junior's sketch and brought the matter to Dick Tracy's attention.

Burly and Jez received medical treatment. The several weapons that they had on their persons were discovered and confiscated. Their lawyer attempted to have them released on bond, but Tracy booked Jez on a murder charge.