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Jewel Tracy is the second daughter of Junior Tracy and the first child of Sparkle Plenty. She was born on April 14th, 1988. At birth she looked exactly like her mother, including her long silken hair.

Early Peril[]

Shortly after her birth, Jewel was kidnapped for a short period of time. Thanks to her grandfather Dick Tracy, Jewel was soon brought back home safely.

In 2002 she was kidnapped by an unknown child abductor. She was held captive with two other little girls. Jewel broke free and ran away, but was unable to find help. For weeks she was on the run looking for help and food. At the same time, her grandfather Dick Tracy and the Major Crimes Unit got tips and had them sent out to the media. A few weeks before Christmas, she was found and brought home safely, although malnourished and tattered.

Growing Up Tracy[]

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Little adventurous Jewel

She was seen in December of 2011 with her parents and big sister when their family was invited to Hannukah at Sam Catchem's family's house.

Jewel was at the City Aquarium on a field trip with her half-sister Honeymoon Tracy and their young uncle Joe Tracy. Tracy contacted Honeymoon on her wrist wizard as they were closing in on Phishface. Jewel and Joe were ordered by Honeymoon to hide so as to be out of harm's way as Phishface was apprehended.

Jewel was present at Sunny Dell Acres when Measles came seeking revenge on Gravel Gertie. She was kept safe while her mother and grandmother fought off the desperate criminal.

Jewel later joined a musical group called "The Sounds of Plenty", along with Sparkle and Gertie. The played the violin.

During the time in which Sparkle went missing (following her encounter with the mysterious "new" Moon Maid), Jewel was seen being comforted by her father. She was later reunited with her mother, which helped spur the recovery of Sparkle's memory.


  • Due to inconsistent coloring, Jewel's hair has been alternately depicted as blonde (like her mother's) or light red/orange (like her father's).
  • It is not known if Jewel is a member of the revived Crimestoppers Club like her sister and uncle.
    Tracy-Plenty family

    Jewel (bottom left corner ) with her parents and half-sister Honeymoon