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Jewel Onallit was the daughter of a wealthy shipping magnate. Both father and daughter were extremely wealthy and reclusive.

Lizz posed as Jewel as part of a sting operation conceived by Dick Tracy to catch the art thief Art Dekko. With the help of Sparkle Plenty, Lizz curled her hair and dyed it blonde (reminiscent of her early appearance) in order to more closely resemble Jewel. Johnny Adonis posed as her driver/bodyguard. Reporter Wendy Wichel contributed to the ruse, reporting on "Jewel's" activities in exchange for exclusive information about the case afterwards.

Dekko's accomplice Sue Reel became suspicious of Lizz and watched her very closely while Lizz was in attendance at a party in Dekko's apartment. Reel observed Lizz using her 2-Way Wrist TV, and thereby deduced that Lizz was not the real Jewel Onallit.