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Jerry Wotts was one of the few non-criminal friends of Steve the Tramp. He was a slender man with a pointed nose and chin.

Reunion with Steve[]

In 1941, Steve the Tramp was paroled from prison and decided to visit a local amusement park. While there, he met an old friend named Jerry Wotts who was the manager of the park. Wotts gave Steve a job taking tickets.

Encounter with Duke[]

A local pickpocket called Duke was recognized at the park and Wotts ordered him to leave. Steve pointed out to Wotts that Duke had discarded a woman's purse. Wotts tried to make a citizen's arrest of Duke, who escaped. Wotts then placed the purse on a shelf so he would have evidence against Duke to show the police. Unaware of Jerry's plan, Steve tossed his hat on top of the purse.

When Dick Tracy, Junior, and Tess invited Steve for lunch he reached for his hat and accidentally brought the purse down. Tess recognized the purse as her own. Suspicion briefly fell on Steve, but Wotts explained that the purse had been stolen by Duke. A park worker then reported to Wotts that he had seen Duke near a parachute ride. Wotts, Steve, Tracy, and Junior all pursued Duke, but he escaped from them again.

Steve later gave up his job at the park to open a fruit stand, but his relationship with Wotts apparently remained cordial.