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Jerry "The King" Lawler was a professional wrestler and commentator who befriended the reformed criminal known as The Mole at the time when The Mole was being exploited as a publicity stunt by the publicist Patty Cure and the wrestler Thunderchild.

Lawler and Mole remined friends, and Lawler later served as the Mole's Best Man at his wedding to Rose Spencer.

Later, Lawler was interviewed by the sports writer Barnabas Tar.


  • When Lizz was operating undercover in disguise as Patty Cure (the former manager of Thunderchild), she was helped by a "Mr. King" when she was attacked by a pair of toughs. This character seems to have been Jerry Lawler, but he is never addressed by that name on-panel during this encounter.
  • In real life, Jerry Lawler (born November 29, 1949) is a semi-retired American professional wrestler. After the end of his wrestling career, he became a commentator on WWE's Thursday night program Smackdown.
  • Lawler has a warm personal relationship with writer Mike Curtis, which prompted him to approve the use of his name and likeness in the strip.
  • In addition to his wrestling career, Lawler is also well-known for his public "feud" with the comedian Andy Kaufman.