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The man called Jer was a member of Piggy Butcher's gang. He was a wide-built man who wore eyeglasses and typically smoked cigars.


  • Several members of Piggy's gang wore eyeglasses and smoked cigars. It is possible that one of these characters who appeared in the strip before September 20th was Jer, but this cannot be confirmed because to that point, none of Piggy's men had been addressed by name.
  • Similarly, after Piggy calls for Jer, two men are shown responding. Jer is presumably the man who speaks first.
  • Piggy asked Jer if anyone at his farm had a lady's razor. Piggy intended to use the razor to shave off Mrs. Chin Chillar's beard, though Jer did not initially understand this.
  • Piggy Butcher's unnamed attorney looked similar to Jer, but the attorney had a moustache while Jer did not.
  • Twenty-three members of Piggy's gang (the bulk of it) were killed when the hideout was detonated in order to prevent the police from obtaining evidence. While it was not specifically stated that Jer was among them, it is reasonable to presume that he was.