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Jenny Saisquoi (pronounced "say-kwah") was a French woman who lived in Dick Tracy's city with her mother. She had a shapely figure and blonde hair.

Jenny had owned a fashion boutique in the local shopping mall. When business at the mall was severely reduced due to fears caused by the so-called "Phantom of the Mall", Jenny and the other shop owners became desperate. Jenny opened a new store at the larger mall, but that structure burned down on the opening day due to the actions of the criminal known as Smokes. Jenny returned to her store's original location.

Some of Jenny's merchandise was salvaged from the fire and Dick Tracy returned it to Jenny's home. This coincided with Tracy encountering a large, seemingly-dangerous dog that had rescued Jenny from Jack the Flipper, a mugger and killer. The dog led Tracy to the injured Jenny, saving her life.


That summer, Jenny visited Paris, France. Through a series of coincidences, she came into possession of a rare and valuable postage stamp that had gone missing from the home of a collector in Dick Tracy's city. When she learned of the stamp's value, Jenny planned to return it to its rightful owner, but it was stolen from her. Jenny called on Dick Tracy (who was already familiar with the case) to help her recover the stamp. Tracy came to Paris, but the case seemed to be resolved without his involvement. Jenny returned to America, where she was later present for the arrest of the man who robbed her and the stamp dealer who orchestrated the theft.

Assisting Tracy[]

Tracy recruited Jenny into a case involving the Mayor of Tracy's hometown. Tracy suspected the Mayor of having extra-marital affairs and killing his wives. He arranged for Jenny to meet the Mayor and begin a romance, then he showed the Mayor's current wife that her husband was on a date with Jenny. The case was resolved, and Jenny returned safely to the city with Tracy.

Later, Jenny accompanied Tracy on a case that involved him traveling to France and England. She served as his interpreter.

On the return trip, Jenny turned down an offer of in-flight snacks. As a result, she was not affected by the tainted food which caused Tracy to lose his memory and go missing. She returned to the city and provided Sam Catchem with a lead that helped him track down Tracy.


  • The name Jenny Saisquoi is a play on the French phrase "Je ne sais quoi", which translates as "I don't know what". The phrase is used to describe an otherwise indescribable emotion or reaction (usually with a positive connotation).
  • Jenny's speech was depicted as heavily accented.
  • In her initial appearance, Jenny's last name was shown to be two separate words on the sign on her storefront ("Sais Quoi"). It was later hyphenated ("Sais-Quoi") and then consistently depicted as one word.
  • Jenny's store was originally shown to be inside a shopping mall. A later location (known as the Chic Boutique) was a free-standing establishment.