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Jake (full name unconfirmed) was a criminal associate of Coffyhead. He typically wore round dark eyeglasses and a flat cap.

Jake was a part of Coffyhead's stolen automobile accessories scheme and he was based out of a garage.

Hiding Out with Coffyhead[]

After Coffyhead and Lugi believed that they had killed Junior and Bronko, they hid in Jake's garage. The garage was connected to Zabu's imported food store by an underground tunnel. Dick Tracy investigated Zabu's store and discovered the tunnel. He then went to Jake's garage and rammed a truck into the tunnel's entrance, sealing it. Jake was arrested.


  • Ambiguity in the artwork in the strip makes it difficult to distinguish between Jake and Mickey in their early appearances.
  • It was stated that Coffyhead and Lugi were going to hide out at the garage with Lugi's brother. It was not made clear if Jake was this brother.
  • There was no indication that Jake was an associate of Autumn Hews.
  • Years later, a character named Jake appeared as an associate of the second Ace of Spades. There is little indication that he is intended to be the same character.