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Jack of Spades was a member of the 52 Gang. He was a part of the Royal Flush, the gang's council of leaders.

Jack of Spades was killed during an assault on the gang's mesa-top resort hideout by Dick Tracy and the police. It is not known if he was killed by napalm, Queen of Spades' machine gun, or by jumping to his death.


  • November 6th is the first confirmed appearance of Jack of Spades. It is possible he was one of the gang members that had appeared previously, but that cannot be established absolutely.
  • Likewise, it is unclear when exactly Jack of Spades died. November 30th was the last day that any members of the gang other than Queen of Spades were shown dying.
  • A second criminal later used the alias Jack of Spades after someone took over the Ace of Spades identity from Little Notting.