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Jack was a student pilot in the American Southwest. He had light hair.

Jack and his unnamed companion were flying a single engine airplane near the mesa-top resort hideout of the 52 Gang. The Gang member Six of Diamonds (who had been drinking) feared that the plane's occupants were spying on the gang and shot at it. He hit the gas tank and the plane was forced to land.

Jack drew a map of the mesa's location and brought it to the local police headquarters. The map and the photos that Jack's friend took showed Dick Tracy and the police the location of the recently stolen Space Coupe.


  • Jack's bespectacled photographer friend was not named. It was also not established if they were related.
  • Though a "Jack" is a type of playing card and Jack was featured in the 52 Gang storyline, there was no indication that he had been a member of the gang or had any knowledge of it prior to his coincidental discovery of their hideout.