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J. Scotland "Scotty" Bumpsted was the brother of Spaldoni. He was member of a European police organization. Scotty had dark hair and a white moustache. He wore a monocle over his right eye.

In addition to his skill as a police officer and investigator, Bumpsted was also an expert marksman. He typically carried a number of firearms concealed on his person, including a single-shot wrist-mounted pistol of his own devising.

Aiding Dick Tracy[]

After Spaldoni's death, Scotty Bumpsted came to visit America. He befriended Dick Tracy and became involved in the pursuit of the escaped prisoner Steve the Tramp.

Scotty Bumpsted helped Tracy capture Doc Hump, but was seriously injured by Steve and Larceny Lu. Tracy saved Bumpsted's life after Steve assaulted Bumpsted and threw him into the bay to drown (July 9, 1934). He was rescued by Tracy, but was rendered temporarily comatose. He eventually regained consciousness after help from a specialist that Tracy arranged to treat him.



  • Dell Comics' Dick Tracy Monthly #21 (cover date September 1949) features an original story in which Dick Tracy goes to England and aids a London police inspector called "Scotty" Scotson, who is said to have worked with Dick Tracy in America "a while back". This character may have been inspired by Bumpsted, but they do not appear to be the same person.