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J. Peter Twillbrain was a successful criminal defense attorney who lived and worked in Dick Tracy's city. He was heavyset, with light hair.

Defending Steve the Tramp[]

When Steve the Tramp was arrested for kidnapping Junior Tracy and taking him to Colorado, he hired the well-known attorney J. Peter Twillbrain to defend him. Steve used the reward he had received from Hank Steele for reuniting him with Junior to pay Twillbrain's fee.

Twillbrain had a reputation for using emotional appeals to the court in his cases, and he opted to forego a jury trial and make his case directly to the judge. Twillbrain made a dramatic, tearful plea to the judge, in which he described Steve as having the mind of a child and not being responsible for his actions. The judge was not swayed by Twillbrain's theatrics and sentenced Steve to life in prison.

After Steve was convicted, two of his associates approached Twillbrain and offered to pay him if he would appeal Steve's case to a higher court. Twillbrain agreed and went to meet with Steve in jail. When Steve saw Twillbrain, he punched the attorney in the face (May 27th, 1933). This presumably ended their association.

Later Appearance[]

Twillbrain was later seen during the case of Doc Hump, in which the attorney was shown arranging for the doctor's release with a writ of habeas corpus.