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J. Kindly Goodheart was a successful land developer who tried to sabotage the airport in Dick Tracy's city so it would close down and he could expand his shopping mall empire.

Goodheart maintained a respectable public persona and made frequent donations to charity and political causes (including the campaign fund of the then-Mayor).

Goodheart had a girlfriend called Babe, upon whom he lavished expensive gifts. Apparently, he grew tired of her and started seeing another woman as well. Goodheart tried to arrange a plane accident in which Babe would be killed. Babe survived (thanks to the skillful flying of pilot Rick Toffen) and returned to their home where she found a necklace engraved as a gift to this other woman. Enraged, Babe strangled Goodheart with the necklace and fled.

Goodheart's body was discovered by police, who had learned of his involvement with the airport sabotage. Babe was later killed while attempting to evade another of Goodheart's associates.


  • Goodheart appeared in shadow (or in close-ups of his hands only) throughout most of his storyline. His face was only shown after he had been killed.