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J.C. Nitials (a partial anagram for "Initials") was a member of Little Face Finny's gang. He was involved with a jewel heist that went awry, resulting in the getaway vehicle (a city bus) being crashed with the stolen gems still inside.

While other member of Little Face's gang attempted to recover the stolen jewels from the wrecked bus, J.C. and Baldwin visited the injured bus driver - Micky Stanley - in the hospital, disguised as his aunts. J.C. pushed the attending nurse out of the room while Baldwin shot Micky. They then fled out the window.

J.C. had used his monogrammed handkerchief as a mask during the jewel heist, and the victim had noticed this. Joe Ballivan (a newspaper columnist and the victim's nephew) placed a item about the handkerchief in his next day's column, and this caught Little Face's attention. He had some of his other henchmen hold J.C.'s arms as he lit the monogrammed handkerchief on fire while it was still in J.C.'s breast pocket.

J.C. struggled and cried out until Little Face doused the flame with a pitcher of water. Little Face then had J.C. taken to the hospital. The entire incident was witnessed by a pair cleaners outside Little Face's high-rise window, who reported what they had seen to the police.


  • J.C. was only referred to by his first initials during the original Little Face storyline. His last name was not revealed until a later Rogues' Gallery feature.
  • This Rogues' Gallery feature also indicated that J.C. Nitials was arrested and received a 10 year prison sentence. This would seem to be a relatively light sentence, since J.C. was (at least) an accessory to a murder, depending on what the prosecution could prove. It is possible that J.C. agreed to testify against his confederates in exchange for a lighter sentence.
  • The identities of the various members of the Little Face gang are difficult to establish. It is possible that J.C. was also one of the two men who encountered Joe Ballivan at the wrecked bus and attempted to find out where he had hidden the stolen jewels, but this cannot be confirmed as only one of the men (Chig) was addressed by name.