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Irwin was a member of Dude's gang. He had light hair. Irwin apparently had some ability as a composer, and he was recruited by Dude to write a song for the singer Tonsils.

Irwin and his associate Ed Moppet had been part of Dude's criminal enterprise, part of which involved packing and selling horse meat. When Dude tried to give up his life of crime, he brought Irwin and Ed into his new scheme as a talent manager.

Irwin and Ed became dissatisfied with this new arrangement and decided to return to the meat packing business. They realized that if Dude became successful, he may try to blame them for his previous crimes to avoid prosecution. Ed murdered Dude and returned to the meat packing plant.

Irwin and Ed then determined that Tonsils could implicate them in Dude's death. They abducted Tonsils and sealed him inside a large truck tire casing in a tire yard, expecting that Tonsils would starve to death or be killed when the tire went through the reclamation process.

Ed and Irwin were discovered leaving the tire yard by police patrolman Officer Mason. They shot Mason and escaped in a taxi they had stolen. Mason survived, but was unable to describe Irwin and Ed because they had been wearing masks.

Mason took Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem to the tire yard where he had encountered the criminals. By this time, Tonsils had been rescued by Gus and his wife, and he was recuperating in their home. Tracy and Sam discovered part of Ed's torn coat at the tire yard, which led them to learn his identity.


Tracy and Sam were able to discover where Ed was working, and they planned to infiltrate the meat packing facility. Ed quickly realized that Sam was a police officer and held him at gunpoint. A shootout ensued between Ed and Tracy and Sam in which Ed was killed. Irwin had thrown a knife at Tracy, but Tracy was able to disrupt the catwalk upon which Irwin was standing, tipping him into a vat of hot lard. Irwin was taken into custody, and would ultimately be the only surviving member of Dude's musical endeavor.


  • It was not explicitly stated if Irwin was the character's first or last name.
  • In several cases, the artwork makes it difficult to distinguish between Irwin and Ed Moppet. It is implied that Ed was the one who killed Dude, due to the shape of his hat shown in silhouette. However, Irwin's skill with a knife was also well-established, so it is possible that he was the killer.