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Inspector Haddis Price was the head of the Organized Crime Unit, (OCU) in Dick Tracy's city, specializing in investigating organized crime groups such as the Apparatus. He had light hair and wore eyeglasses.

Dick Tracy of the Major Crimes Unit first met with Inspector Price to investigate his suspicion that a One Million Dollar Open Contract on himself was being offered by Big Boy. Price informed him that Big Boy was largely inactive, but still a member of the Apparatus' executive council. Price also stated that Big Boy was not likely to stand trial considering that the criminal was terminally ill.

After the death of several people as a result of the open contract, Tracy decided to take action by announcing in the media that he would be assuming command of the OCU to retaliate against the Apparatus. Inspector Price strenuously objected to this move, claiming that his unit was capable of operating without Tracy's intervention. However, Det. Lizz Worthington Grove found in the unit's records that the only arrests and convictions gained by the OCU under Price's leadership were of minor criminals.

Shortly after this change in command, a potential state witness for the OCU against the Apparatus was murdered by the professional killer known as The Iceman. During the investigation, Price blamed Tracy's involvement in the case for escalating the violence in the OCU's operations and thus undermining its effectiveness.

Tracy suspected corruption in the OCU and had his associates Sam Catchem and Lizz assigned to the unit to investigate. After the Iceman was mortally wounded while making an attempt on Tracy's life, he made a deathbed confession stating that Inspector Price had been the person who hired him to kill the state witness.

At this accusation, Price attempted to escape but was quickly subdued by Tracy. Price was eventually persuaded to turn state's evidence against the Apparatus in return for being put in the Witness Protection Program, to the disgust of Tracy (who would have preferred Price be sentenced to 90 years in prison as an example for sullying the reputation of the police department).


  • Price
    Price's full name was revealed in a later Rogues' Gallery feature. The name "Haddis Price" would seem to be a play on words, since the character "had his price" (that is, an amount of money in exchange for which he was willing to betray the police department).