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The man known as Hypo was a thief and killer who operated in Dick Tracy's city. He had light hair that he wore long and swept to one side in the front.

The Magazine Scam[]

Hypo had taken temporary employment at the newly-founded magazine “Glance” in order to steal advanced camera equipment. He used this equipment and the magazine credentials to gain access to wealthy peoples' homes, posing as a photographer. He would then rob the houses with his accomplices.

Hypo's scheme was discovered by Mel Clark (the son of the magazine's publisher), whom Hypo then killed. News of Hypo's activities spread among the wealthy community, and Hypo and his accomplices found themselves held at gunpoint by the homeowner on their next robbery attempt. Hypo's two accomplices shot the homeowner and they escaped with a large amount of jewels.

Hypo the Fugitive[]

Hypo's accomplices became desperate and they insisted on selling the stolen jewels as soon as possible. Hypo sold the jewels to a fence, and then cheated his cohorts on their split. He also attempted to sell his stolen camera equipment to a local photographer named Eddie Johnson. Johnson was a law-abiding citizen and he recognized the serial numbers on the stolen equipment. He was able to summon the police and stall Hypo until the authorities arrived.

Hypo fled and was injured in a shoot-out with the police. He was able to return to his apartment, where he was confronted by his accomplices. They robbed Hypo, damaged his telephone, and left him alone, expecting that he would bleed to death. Hypo's blood seeped through the floor where it was detected by his downstairs neighbor. This neighbor treated Hypo's wound enough that Hypo was able to flee the building on foot.

Hypo sought the aid of his girlfriend Dahlia Dell. He asked her to join him at his apartment and act as a lookout while he recovered some jewels that he had hidden in a lamp. Before doing this, Hypo tracked down his other accomplices and killed them, photographing their dead bodies for his own amusement.

Hypo and Dahlia then went to Hypo's apartment, unaware that Dick Tracy and the police were already inside. Hypo was arrested, and the photographs of his dead accomplices were taken as evidence against him.


  • "Hypo" is a another term for sodium thiosulfate, a chemical used in film developing. In the case of the character Hypo, it does not refer to hypodermic needles, as commonly used to inject narcotics.