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Hy Pressure was an operative of the Apparatus. He had thin brown hair that he wore pulled back into a ponytail. He typically wore sunglasses and chewed on a toothpick.

Pressure had a criminal record and was known to the police as a "bunko artist".

The Wheaten Farm[]


Hy Pressure's job for the Apparatus was to acquire various properties, using his "legitimate" business as a front. The Apparatus wanted to obtain the farm owned by the Wheaten family so they could make it available to fracking companies.

George Wheaten repeatedly refused Pressure's offers. Eventually, Pressure resorted to making threats against Wheaten's young daughter Nellie. This prompted to Wheaten to agree to sell the farm.

On the night that Wheaten was to sign over ownership of the farm to Pressure, several factions (including the police, the Apparatus and operatives of the Black Hearts) converged on the farm during a violent storm. Pressure was "zapped" by the mysterious "new" Moon Maid and briefly incapacitated. He then attempted to flee, but fell when the farmhouse porch collapsed under him. His neck was broken, and his body was found after the storm cleared.