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Hy Jacky was a nightclub entertainer. He performed a musical-comedy act with his partner whose name was Breeze. Hy Jacky was a slender man with dark hair on the sides of his head. He was missing part of the middle finger of his right hand and was also an avid golfer.

Hy Jacky had had a romantic relationship with Miss Intro. One night, he killed her in a fit of rage. He then fled to a hotel in Miami where he had a performing engagement. Jacky believed that he had successfully concealed his involvement in the murder, and he agreed to return to the city at Dick Tracy's request. The initial evidence did not indicate Jacky's guilt, and both Dick Tracy and Lizz found him charming.

Jacky was named in Miss Intro's will, and he inherited her nightclub. Jacky opened the nightclub and enjoyed success and acclaim. Dick Tracy and the police slowly began to gather evidence that indicated Jacky's guilt, and Tracy invited Jacky to try the new golf course that Diet Smith had built on the moon.

On the moon, Tracy observed more evidence of Jacky's guilt. Tracy confronted Jacky and the two men fought. The Moon Governor intervened to stop the fighting, and Jacky confessed to the murder. When he indicated that he planned to recant his confession when he was returned to Earth, the Moon Governor threatened to subject Hy Jacky to moon justice (meaning execution without trial). Dick Tracy and Diet Smith were able to convince the Governor to return Jacky to their custody.