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Hy Habeas was an attorney in Dick Tracy’s city. He had underworld connections through his association with the former politician Dubbs.

When Texie Garcia was arrested during a raid on Big Boy’s apartment, Habeas visited her in jail. Garcia demanded that Dubbs arrange for her to be released. Habeas met Dubbs in a restaurant where Dubbs explained that Garcia had information about his past criminal activities and had been blackmailing him. Unbeknownst to the two men, Dick Tracy was eavesdropping on them from a nearby table.

Dubbs agreed to pay Texie’s bond and sent Habeas to collect her. Habeas brought Texie to Dubbs, unaware that they were being followed by Tracy and the police. When the officers burst in, Habeas and Garcia fled. Dubbs shot himself rather than face capture. This distraction allowed Habeas and Garcia to escape.

Texie Garcia later re-appeared in the company of Dan “The Squealer” Mucelli. Habeas’ fate is unknown.