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Hotshot Charlie was the owner and proprietor of Hotshot Airlines, a small commuter flight service. He had short red hair, green eyes, and freckles. He often smoked a pipe.

Charlie was contacted by Dick Tracy during Tracy's investigation of a bank robbery committed by Blackjack, as Charlie had had some dealings with the bank.

One of Charlie's employees was Wingy Plenty.

Hotshot Charlie later aided Oliver Warbucks and the MCU in their attempts to rescue Dick Tracy and Annie Warbucks from the "time-lost" island of Simmons Corners. His uniquely-decorated airplane was recognized by Tracy.

Charlie was later seen transporting the mysterious Dragon Lady to Dick Tracy's city.


  • Hotshot Charlie was a character in the long-running newspaper comic strip Terry and the Pirates, which was also distrubted by Tribune Media Services.
  • Pictures of several other characters from Terry and the Pirates were shown hanging in the offices of Hotshot Airlines, including Terry Lee, Burma, and the Dragon Lady.
  • Hotshot Charlie was originally from Boston.