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Honey Doll was the girlfriend of Shoulders. She was an attractive woman with dark hair and prominent eyelashes.

When Dick Tracy began to investigate Shoulders' criminal activities, Shoulders sent Honey Doll to police headquarters to try to determine how much progress Tracy had made. Honey Doll pretended to have been robbed, but her story contained elements that Tracy knew were false. This led Tracy to suspect that Honey Doll was affiliated with Shoulders.

Once Shoulders organization began to fall apart, he prepared to flee the city. Honey Doll purchased 2 airplane tickets, but Shoulders betrayed her. Shoulders knocked Honey Doll unconscious and set her plane ticket on fire. She was later found by police and was in custody when Shoulders was seemingly killed in a plane crash.

Honey Doll was released due a lack of evidence of her involvement with any criminal acts. She has not been seen since.


  • It is unclear whether "Honey Doll" was her real name or an alias.
  • There is no apparent connection between Honey Doll and The Doll, an associate of Diamonds.