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Holden Plenty was one of Morin Plenty's eight sons. He had a moustache and often wore a pith helmet. He owned a pet alligator which he had named after his deceased father.

Holden Plenty owned a lodge in Florida which he operated with his wife. It was called the Plenty O' Nothing Lodge. While he referred to it as a "luxury resort", the lodge was rustic and dilapidated.

When Holden's wife died, he asked his brother B.O. to come and stay with him. B.O. agreed, bringing his wife and their friend Dick Tracy and his wife along as well.

Holden had been bothered by agents of the Good Fortune realty company who wanted to buy Holden's property. He had refused to sell at his wife's insistence, and he was determined to abide by her wishes after her death. The Good Fortune Realty agents then attempted to set the lodge on fire, but they were stopped by Dick Tracy.

When Dick and Tess decided to return to the city (under the pretense of investigating Good Fortune Realty), B.O. and Gertie remained at the lodge for some time to help Holden with day-to-day operations.