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Herky was a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He had short, light hair, a slender build, and typically wore tinted eyeglasses.

Herky was an associate of Mimi, a former girlfriend of Rughead. They saw a news report that indicated that Rughead was in hiding in the city. Knowing that Rughead would most likely have a large amount of cash on his person, Herky devised a plan for Mimi to lure Rughead into a trap.

The plan was initially successful, and Herky and his associates were able to abduct Rughead. Rughead escaped from their car and fled into a calvert. A shootout ensued, and the police arrived shortly thereafter. Herky was arrested and taken into custody.


  • Herky's gang consisted of himself and two other men. One of these men was identified as "Eddie". The other man was not named. Their fates are unknown, but it was implied that the unnamed member of the gang was killed in the shootout with Rughead.