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The Hennessy Mansion

First Appearance:

October 22nd, 2007

Created By:

Dick Locher

The Hennessy Mansion was the former home of the wealthy Hennessy family. It was located on the edge of Dick Tracy's city.

At some point in the past, the Hennessy family fell on hard times and were forced to abandon their elaborate dwelling. J. Tucker Hennessy, the family patriarch, apparently committed suicide over the indignity by hanging himself. However, his body was also found to have a bullet in it, making his death an unsolved mystery for some time.

The Hennessy Mansion then fell into disrepair and gained a reputation for being haunted by Hennessy's ghost.

In 2007, Dick Tracy agreed to participate a charity fundraising event in which he (along with Governor Smart and Mayor Headstrong) would spend the night in the "haunted" mansion. During the night, Governor Smart was abducted by J. Tucker Hennessy's son, who accused the Governor of having killed his father in order to purchase the Mansion for less than its value.

As the situation developed, it was eventually revealed that Hennessy had killed his father and that Smart's purchase of the Mansion was apparently legitimate. A wrecking crew arrived with instructions to being demolishing the house. Hennessy fell from one of the balconies and was crushed by a bulldozer. Tracy, the Governor and the others in attendance escaped the house before it collapsed.

A jewelry box was found among the wreckage of the Hennessy Mansion. It contained a note from the late Rachel Hennessy which seemed to implicate her brother in her father's murder, and also suggested that Governor Smart was responsible for Rachel's (reportedly accidental) death the previous year. The Governor was taken into custody pending an ethics investigation and the Mansion was cleared to make room for a new superhighway.

Dick Tracy believed that he had been visited by the ghost of Rachel Hennessy during his overnight stay in the Mansion, but he could not be sure that he hadn't been dreaming or imagining it.