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The unnamed son of J. Tucker Hennessy was a bald man with a cruel personality.

The Property Swindle[]

At some point in the past, the wealthy Hennessy family suffered a financial reversal. Young Mr. Hennessy conspired with a man named Smart to force J. Tucker Hennessy to sell the family mansion to Smart for significantly less than it was worth. After the deal was made, Hennessy shot and killed his father, presumably to prevent J. Tucker Hennessy from going back on the sale. Hennessy attempted to make it look as though his father had hanged himself, but the bullet was found in the body. The death was ruled a murder that went unsolved for some time.

Hennessy's sister Rachel witnessed the murder, and hid a note stating what she had seen in the family's now-abandoned mansion. She was soon killed in an automobile collision (under questionable circumstances). Hennessy went into hiding.

The Haunted Mansion[]

Shortly thereafter, Smart was elected Governor. He agreed to participate in a charity event in which he, Dick Tracy, and Mayor Headstrong would spend the night in the Hennessy Mansion, which had since developed a reputation as being haunted. Hennessy hid himself inside the Mansion and rigged a speaker behind a portrait of J. Tucker Hennessy.

When the three men had fallen asleep, Hennessy abducted the Mayor and left him bound and gagged in a simulation of where his father's hanged body was found. Tracy awoke and freed the Mayor, leaving Governor Smart unattended. Hennessy then abducted the Governor and took him to a hidden room.

Hennessy held the Governor at gunpoint and spoke to Tracy through the portrait. He demanded that Tracy see proof that Smart had purchased the Mansion, then later insisted that Smart confess to the murder of J. Tucker Hennessy. Smart refused.


Tracy found the speaker behind the portrait and soon discovered the passage that led to Hennessy's hidden room. Tracy advanced on Hennessy, who backed himself onto an unstable balcony on an upper floor of the Mansion. A wrecking crew had arrived to demolish the Mansion, and the balcony collapsed under Hennessy. He fell to the ground and was crushed by a bulldozer.

Tracy, Smart, Headstrong and the other people in attendance all managed to escape the Mansion before it collapsed. Smart's role in the death of J. Tucker Hennessy was revealed, and he was brought before an ethics hearing.