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Hemlock Holmes was a protagonist in the The Dick Tracy Show cartoon series from 1961. He was an anthropomorphic English Bulldog who worked as a police officer under Dick Tracy.

Hemlock Holmes had white fur and black nose. He typically wore a tall police helmet (similar to those worn by English "bobbies"). He was often aided (and sometimes hindered) by a squad of uniformed officers under his command who were known as The Retouchables.


  • The name "Hemlock Holmes" is derived from the name of the fictional British detective Sherlock Holmes (who was not a police officer). Additionally, hemlock is a type of poisonous flowering plant.
  • Hemlock Holmes' hat deflates during every episode in which he appears.
  • Hemlock Holmes' voice seems to have been inspired by those of actors Cary Grant and Tom Conway. In 1948, Conway had appeared in 2 films as "Bulldog" Drummond (a popular heroic adventurer from British fiction). Conway had also played Sherlock Holmes on the radio during the previous year.
  • Hemlock Holmes is an original character created by UPA for The Dick Tracy Show. Like the other UPA characters, he is not owned by Tribune Media and is not available to be incorporated into the strip's continuity.
  • The children's television series Sesame Street features a British detective character named Sherlock Hemlock. It is not clear if the creators of that character drew inspiration for his name from Hemlock Holmes'.
  • He is known as Sergeant Bull (ブル巡査部長) in the Japanese dub.