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Heinie (full name unrevealed) was a Dutch immigrant who worked at Mrs. Trueheart's delicatessen. He was bald, wore eyeglasses, and had a bushy moustache.

Heinie was an old friend of the Trueheart family. After Emil Trueheart was killed, Heinie went to work at the family deli and attmpted to make it profitable. He was moderately successful and Mrs. Trueheart was grateful for his help.

Target of Tricksters[]

Heinie became the target of a confidence scheme being operated by Broadway Bates and Belle. Belle became a regular customer at the Trueheart delicatessen, and pretened to be poor and desperate. Playing upon Heinie's sympathies, she tried to enlist him in an "investment". Dick Tracy warned her off.

Later, when Tracy was kidnapped by Bates and his gang, Heinie (who had been observing the criminals) managed to sneak into their hideout and free Tracy. He was praised for his bravery and heroism.


  • The circumstances under which Heinie left Mrs. Trueheart's employ have not been revealed.He was no longer working at the delicatessen at the time of the Karpse case.