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Heap O'Calorie was a protagonist in the The Dick Tracy Show cartoon series from 1961. He was a heavyset police officer working in uniform under Dick Tracy.

Heap O'Calorie had red hair and a bulbous nose.


  • The name "O'Calorie" suggests that Heap was of Irish heritage, but unlike the other main characters on The Dick Tracy Show his ethnicity was not a source of comedy. More often, jokes were made about O'Calorie's size and gluttonous nature.
  • Heap O'Calorie is known as Inspector Boyaki (ボヤキ警部) in the Japanese dub.
  • Heap O'Calorie is an original character created by UPA for The Dick Tracy Show. Like the other UPA characters, he is not owned by Tribune Media and is not available to be incorporated into the strip's continuity.
  • Heap O'Calorie did not appear in any episodes with B-B Eyes and Flattop. He had only one episode with Cheater Gunsmoke, as well as the duos of Mumbles & Stooge Viller and Sketch Paree & The Mole.