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Hank "Happy" Larson was a member of Rughead's gang. He had a wide body and a spotted face. He often smoked cigars.

Happy worked closely with Rughead and was present when Rughead discovered Rainbow Reiley, Sparkle Plenty, and Wingy at one of their hideouts. Happy's instinct was to kill the three intruders right away, but Rughead prevented him. Rainbow, Sparkle, and Wingy later escaped, and the girls were able to identify Happy from a police photo.

Rughead, Happy and the surviving members of their gang went into hiding. They were discovered by Dick Tracy, and another member of the gang (Sid Jonah) was killed during their escape. Happy and Rughead then hid in the city.

Happy had a girlfriend called Corny, whom he gifted one the gang's stolen furs. Dick Tracy discovered Corny's connection to the Rughead gang and began to frequent her restaurant, and eventually used a special device to trace a phone call that Corny made to Happy.

Happy and Rughead passed their time by watching prizefighters work out at Art's Gym, where they were apparently well-known and shielded. Corny phoned a warning to Happy that Tracy was coming to the gym. Tracy allowed himself to be captured by Happy, who was armed with a shotgun. Tracy correctly assumed that he would be taken to a deserted part of the gym, where he killed Happy with a gun had concealed under a bandage on his arm.

Rughead, who was waiting outside in the getaway car, observed Happy's body being carried out to be taken to the morgue. He then fled to Mexico.