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Halakahiki (meaning "Pineapple" in Hawaiian) was an orphaned native Hawaiian girl. She had dark hair and typically wore a garland of flowers.

Her parents had died when she was an infant and she was raised by her grandfather who led a traditional Hawaiian native lifestyle.

Helped by Dick Tracy[]

Halakahiki's grandfather was killed in a tidal wave in 1960. Dick Tracy was in Hawaii in pursuit of Flyface and Willie the Fifth (who had also been presumed killed in the tidal wave) and was part of the group that found Halakahiki. Tracy stayed in Hawaii while an effort was made to learn more about Halakahiki's past. It was discovered that her only surviving relative was a long-lost aunt.

Halakahiki had never seen her aunt, and her only clue to the woman's identity was a pineapple tattoo that she had on her ankle that matched one on her aunt's ankle. Halakahiki was brought to Dick Tracy's city, where he aunt lived.

The criminal Spots read of the girl's search for her aunt in newspapers and concocted a scheme to claim Halakahiki. Since his wife was a native Hawaiian herself, they planned to have her ankle tattooed with a pineapple to complete the ruse. This plan was successful at first, but Halakahiki easily realized that Mrs. Spots' tattoo was recent when she discovered that it was still sore.

Mrs.Spots took pity on Halakahiki and helped her escape. Spots killed his wife when he discovered this and he became a fugitive. The little Hawaiian girl was eventually reunited with her real aunt.


  • Gould's depiction of the pineapple tattoos on Ms. Spots' and Halakahiki's legs being identical is somewhat questionable, as it's unlikely that a tattoo artist could exactly duplicate someone else's tattoo or do a pineapple the same way twice.