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Haku Kou was a 7-foot-tall Hawaiian police officer. He had thick dark hair and an avuncular demeanor. Haku Kou was skilled as a surfer and entertainer, as well as in the use of the bullwhip as a weapon.

Catching Flyface and the Fifth[]

Haku Kou was assigned to go to Dick Tracy's city and bring Willie the Fifth back to Hawaii to face outstanding charges against him. Haku Kou posed as entertainer and attempted to make connections to the city's criminal underworld. He was assaulted by rivals of Willie the Fifth and was knocked unconscious. He was then placed in a car that was wrecked  near Sunny Dell Acres.

Haku Kou was found and was placed in a hospital until he recovered. He soon fled the hospital and helped smuggle the escaped Willie the Fifth and Flyface to Hawaii. Dick Tracy (who was attempting to arrest the 2 criminals) trailed them.

Chief Don Liu of the Hawaiian police explained to Tracy that Haku was an undercover operative working for the Hawaiian police.  Tracy and Liu went to the island where Fifth, Flyface, and Haku were hiding and attempted to nabcapture the two criminals. Haku escaped the island just as Fifth and Flyface were swept up in a tidal wave that hit the island and were presumed dead.

Haku Kou then became involved in the case of the orphan Halakahiki.

The Return of Haku Kou[]

Years later, Haku Kou returned to Dick Tracy's city to serve as the technical advisor on a feature


film being produced about the comic book hero The Scarlet Sting - a vigilante who used a whip as a weapon. Haku Kou was on the film's set when it was infiltrated by the criminal Doubleup, who was attempting to extort protection money from the production. Haku Kou and Doubleup fought, and Haku Kou defeated the villain.