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The criminal called Hairy was a dope smuggler in Dick Tracy's city. He had thick dark hair that extended down his forehead to the bridge of his nose, despite frequent plucking. He also had a moustache.

Hairy first came to the police's attention when a local dope peddler was found stabbed to death. Papers found in the victim's pockets led police to an isolated farm owned by an ill-tempered farmer. This farmer was paid by Hairy's organization to use the farm as a relay station and storage facility.

Tracy and the MCU placed the farm under surveillance, expecting that the important members of the gang would arrive at some point. While this surveillance was taking place, the farmer's daughter - whom he had abused - forced her father at gunpoint into an area where explosives were stored and detonated them.

The explosion was detected at the gang's luxurious mountain hideaway. Hairy was pleased to learn that Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem had been close to the explosion. Hairy sent two of his men in a helicopter to look for survivors and kill the police officers if necessary.

Tracy and Sam had survived the explosion, and they killed the two gang members in a shootout, exploding the helicopter in the process. They learned about the mountain hideaway and prepared to search the main living quarters.

Hairy panicked and sought refuge at his one remaining front operation, a funeral parlor operated by the woman called Le Maude. Le Maude was a minor local celebrity as the first female mortician/funeral parlor owner in Tracy's city. In addition to her legitimate business, she had also become heavily involved with her underworld clientele. Hairy approached Maude and informed her that there was a stash of two million dollars worth of narcotics on the farm that police had not yet located and that Hairy was determined to salvage. Maude was reluctant to allow Hairy to move the stash into her basement, but Hairy promised to be in and out in 24 hours.

A hired operative of Hairy's came to the farm and took the stash away inside a realistic model of a horse that contained the drugs and a sawed-off shotgun. Tracy and Sam witnessed the transaction and silently trailed the shipment in an Air Car.

The police arrived at Maude's funeral parlor and placed her under arrest. They then encountered Hairy, who fired the shotgun at them. Hairy's aim was spoiled by Sam's camera flash going off in his face. Tracy's return fire and killed Hairy.


  • During his deadly shootout with police, Hairy's shotgun blast struck Dick Tracy's hat, which then joined the display of Tracy's damaged hats at Police Headquarters.
  • During the case of Murky Depps, Lizz stated that she had questioned Murky during the police department's investigation of Hairy. It was not established if Murky was an associate of Hairy's.
  • Several of Hairy's associates were never named.