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Habe Corpussle was a criminal defense attorney in Dick Tracy's city. Corpussle had a dark hair and eyebrows, and a small light handlebar mustache. He typically wore eyeglasses, and often smoked a pipe.

Corpussle had graduated from Central Law College in 1956, and his motto was "We don't talk until we get into the courtroom". Corpussle was not strictly ethical, and was depicted harboring known fugitives who were wanted for murder.

Encounters with Tracy[]

Corpussle was first seen during the case of Posie Ermine in which he represented Posie's daughter Mindy and his accomplice Madame Parfum. Parfum bit Corpussle during a questioning session when she became annoyed by his attitude.

Corpussle later allowed the fugitive murderer Posie to hide in the basement of the J & X Flower Shop which Corpussle secretly owned. Uncovering the connection, Dick Tracy raided the shop and took Posie into custody. Corpussle apparently escaped prosecution for harboring a fugitive.

Later the same year, Corpussle acted as the defense attorney for The Beautiful People. Corpussle has not been seen since.


  • The name "Habe Corpussle" is apparently a play on the legal term habeas corpus, which is a writ used to secure a person's release from unlawful confinement. It is commonly used to prevent a suspect from being held without charge or with insufficient evidence. A "corpuscle" is also a term for a living cell not connected to other tissue (such as a blood cell or a lymph cell).
  • The J & X Flower Shop was apparently a legitimate business. It is unclear if the unnamed shop clerk was aware of the criminal activity in which Corpussle was involved.