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The man known as "Gyp" Reed was a trafficker of stolen goods in Dick Tracy's city. He had light wavy hair, a round face, and a pointed nose.

Encountering Dick Tracy[]

Gyp Reed was the main fence of Maxine Viller's jewel theft gang. After a successful robbery, Maxine planned to have her brother Stooge's associate Steve transport some stolen goods to Gyp. As was her practice, Maxine attached a message informing Gyp of this plan to the collar of her dog Satan, who had been trained to go to Reed's hideout.

Satan was observed by Dick Tracy, who subdued the dog and read the message. He then went to Reed's hideout and confronted him. Reed was briefly able to escape through a trap door, but he returned to threaten Tracy. Tracy was able to overpower Reed, and he and Steve were arrested.


  • "Gyp" Reed's first name was consistently depicted in quotation marks, indicating that it was an alias or nickname.
  • The name "Gyp" was apparently derived from the colloquial term that means to cheat or short-change someone. This term is itself derived from the term "gypsy", referring to people or Romani origin. Both terms are now considered derogatory and are less-commonly used.