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The man called Gus (short for Augustus) was a street photographer in Dick Tracy's city. He had thick dark hair and a moustache.

Gus, his wife, and their dog Fifi lived in a small house near a tire yard. Fifi discovered the singer Tonsils where he had been sealed inside a large tire by criminals who had left him for dead. Gus and his wife freed Tonsils and nursed him back to health.

Tonsils feared that he was wanted by the authorities, so he paid Gus and his wife to keep his presence a secret. Gus had recognized Tonsils from his appearance on television, and he believed that he could get more money for finding Tonsils. He photographed Tonsils while he slept, then took the photo to Dot View's television studio.

Dot View recognized Tonsils from the photo and accompanied Gus back to his home. Tonsils was enraged by Gus revealing his presence, and he struck Gus on the head with a bottle of gasoline (which the family had been using to clean with). The spilled gasoline caught fire and Tonsils fled, preventing a nearby youth from calling to report the fire.

Dick Tracy and the police arrived at Gus' home soon after, and Tracy was able to rescue Dot View and Mrs. Gus. Gus was declared dead, and it was eventually determined that he had been killed by the blow to his head.


  • It was strongly implied that Gus and his wife were immigrants, but their country of origin was not specified.