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The man known as Gramps was an elderly taxi driver in Dick Tracy's city. He was recruited into Snails' second gang. He had a thick grey beard and a darker moustache.

Snails encountered Gramps while Snails was formulating his plan to rob an armored car. Snails decided that Gramps' habit of driving at exactly the speed limit would be an essential part of the plot.

After a few trial runs, Snails put his plan into action, Gramps' slow-moving taxi put the armored car in the path of a truck driven by Snails' other accomplices. The trucks crashed, and Snails was able to take a large amount of cash from the armored car. He then killed all of his accomplices, including Gramps.


  • It is unclear if Gramps was aware that he was part of a criminal scheme. He seemed to be otherwise law-abiding.
  • It was not established that Gramps had any contact with any of Snails' other associates other than Sludge McGoo.