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Governor Smart was the Governor of Dick Tracy's state in 2007. He was an avuncular man, with light, wavy hair. His seemingly good-natured demeanor concealed a cruel personality.

Smart agreed to participate in a charity event in which he would spend a night in the "haunted"Hennessy Mansion, along with Dick Tracy and Mayor Headstrong.

During the night, Governor Smart was abducted by the son of J. Tucker Hennessy, the mansion's former owner. The younger Hennessy accused the Governor of having murdered J. Tucker in order to buy the mansion for significantly less than its value.

Smart was held at gunpoint by Hennessy until morning, when Hennessy demanded that Tracy summon a realtor to prove that Smart now owned the mansion. Tracy was able to force Hennessy out onto an unstable balcony of the house, just as a demolition crew began to bulldoze the structure. Hennessy fell and was crushed by a bulldozer, but Smart was able to jump clear of the collapsing mansion.

It was eventually revealed that Smart's purchase of the mansion was legitimate, and that Hennessy himself had shot his father. However, ethics concerns about Smart's actions were raised, as he had apparently purchased the mansion with the knowledge that the property was about to become highly valuable due to a new roadway development. It was also implied that Smart had been responsible for the (seemingly accidental) death of Rachel Hennessy (daughter of J. Tucker), who knew about her brother and the Governor's machinations.

Governor Smart was taken into police custody pending further investigation. His fate is unknown.


  • It is possible that Governor Smart anticipated a confrontation with Hennessy on the night of the charity event. His attitude went from pleasant to very agitated when he learned that Dick Tracy had not brought a firearm to the Mansion.
  • There was no established family connection between Governor Smart and Alec Smart, the stock broker who worked for Pig E. Bank.