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Gordon Tracy
Gordon Tracy, lower left

First Appearance:

1937 (on film)
November 10th, 2013 (in strip, in photo)

Known Relatives:

Chester Tracy, Father (deceased)
Edna Tracy, Mother (deceased)
Ray Tracy (Uncle)
Dick Tracy (Older Brother)
Jean (Sister)
2 Unnamed Nephews

Created by:

Barry Shipman
Winston Miller
Morgan Cox
George Morgan
Mike Curtis
Joe Staton

Gordon Tracy was the brother of Dick Tracy. He had the characteristic pronounced chin and blunt nose that was common among the men in his family. He had light brown hair.

According to Dick, Gordon was killed during the chase after "The Lame One". This was apparently one of Dick's first cases.

Appearances in Other Media[]

1930s Republic Serial[]


Gordon Tracy was a character in the first Dick Tracy film serial produced by Republic Pictures. He was played by actors Richard Beach and Carleton Young.

In the serial, Gordon was an attorney. He and Dick (who was a federal agent, not a local policeman) had a warm relationship. When a wealthy client of his was murdered, Gordon recruited Dick to investigate.

Gordon was subsequently abducted by a criminal mastermind and brainwashed by Moloch into the service of The Spider, aka The Lame One. No longer able to distinguish between good and evil, Gordon was involved of several of the Spider's plots.

Tracy was eventually captured by the Spider and re-united with Gordon, who did not recognize his brother. Gordon and the Spider attempted to escape the police in a stolen car. Gordon, driving, swerved to avoid striking two people who were stuck in the middle of the road and the car went over a cliff. Tracy arrived and and found Gordon, mortally injured. Gordon recognized Dick just before dying.


Richard Beach as Gordon


  • Unlike characters from other comics strips that have been referenced in Dick Tracy, Gordon is one of the few characters originally created for another form of Dick Tracy media that has become officially incorporated into the strip (see Cueball and Gruesome).
  • The 1937 Republic Serial credited two screenplay writers, working off a story by two additional writers. This accounts for Gordon's multiple listed "creators".
  • In the serial, Dick was identified as the older brother. This is presumably the situation in the comic strip as well.