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Goodin Plenty was the twin brother of B.O. Plenty. Goodin was born twenty seconds before B.O.

As a young man, Goodin recruited B.O. into his scheme to rob a filling station. Goodin held up the station while B.O. waited to drive the getaway car. Goodin would continue with his dishonest ways after the brothers parted company. He served a 5-year term in prison at some point.

As an adult, Goodin adopted a dapper, mannered demeanor. He had thick dark hair and a moustache.

The Land of Plenty[]

Many years after they had separated, Goodin visited his brother at Sunny Dell Acres II. B.O. had recently won $3 million in a lottery and announced his plans to build a theme park based on his life and experiences with Dick Tracy. Goodin convinced B.O. to let him act as B.O.'s agent in finding the property upon which to build the park. Goodin threatened B.O. that if he did not agree, he would reveal B.O.'s involvement in the filling station robbery from their youth.

B.O. agreed, and Goodin made arrangements for his brother to purchase a piece of land near a newly-built freeway. The land was owned by Oxen and Dye Cixot, who were criminal associates of Goodin. The Cixots had been using the land as an illegal toxic waste dumping ground, and they were planning to sell the property and leave town. Goodin facilitated the sale and took a percentage, but he concealed the identity of the property's previous owners (and its use) from B.O.


Goodin Plenty (left), with Dick Tracy

The Land of Plenty theme park was built (without the buried toxic waste being discovered), and Goodin remained a guest at his brother's home until the opening (despite B.O.'s hostility towards him). On the park's opening night, deep fissures developed in the concrete walkways and under the rides, with toxic waste bubbling up out of them. B.O. confronted Goodin with a shotgun and demanded to know who had sold them the land. Goodin revealed the Cixots' identities to B.O., who then gave him a 20-second head-start to leave town.

Goodin Plenty was last seen boarding a bus leaving the city. B.O. confessed to his role in the filling station robbery to Dick Tracy, who informed him that the statute of limitations had expired and B.O. would not face charges.


  • Good & Plenty is a brand of American licorice candy.
  • GoodinRG
    It was stated that Goodin was born twenty seconds before B.O. which would make them twin brothers. It was not explicitly stated if they are identical (though there is a strong resemblance), or if any other of their siblings were born at the same time.
  • When Dick Tracy meet Goodin's father Morin Plenty in 1957, Morin said B.O. was 67 years old. This would place B.O and Goodin's birthdate in 1890. Goodin Plenty would therefore have been 104 years old in 1984. This is an example of the strip's sliding time-line.