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Go-Go Gomez was a protagonist in the The Dick Tracy Show cartoon series from 1961. He was a Mexican-American police officer working in plainclothes under Dick Tracy.

Go-Go Gomez had dark hair and a moustache, and typically wore a white suit and sombrero. A cheerful character, Gomez was capable of bursts of great speed and was skilled at disguise.

When not at work, Gomez was often found spending time with his girlfriend or lying in his hammock, though he always sped into action when he was alerted to a crime.


  • Go-Go Gomez has been criticized as a Mexican stereotype due to his appearance, accent, and frequent napping. Despite these traits, he was consistently depicted as a competent and professional police officer.
  • Go-Go Gomez shares several traits with the Warner Brothers animated character Speedy Gonzales, who first appeared during the early 1950s.
  • In the Spanish dub, Go-Go Gomez is known as Pronto Gomez and his full name is Manuel Rodriguez Garza Gonzalez Gomez y Gomez.
  • Go-Go Gomez is an original character created by UPA for The Dick Tracy Show. Like the other UPA characters, he is not owned by Tribune Media and is not available to be incorporated into the strip's continuity.
  • Go-Go Gomez made his first appearances in the 1960 Mr. Magoo episodes "Requiem for a Bull" and "Fuel in the Sun", one year prior to the debut of The Dick Tracy Show. He was voiced by Mel Blanc in the episodes, but was voiced by Paul Frees in his later appearances.