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Gloria Baxter was the first wife of Mayor Baxter and the mother of Biff Baxter. She had light hair and a lined face. She lived in the small town of Baxterville.

At some point in the past, Gloria had been declared dead and he husband re-married. Gloria then murdered each of her husband's new wives, supposedly out of jealousy. The Mayor used his influence to have the deaths declared "natural causes" and have any investigation suppressed.

The deaths were eventually investigated by Dick Tracy, who suspected that the Mayor was responsible. He arranged for the Mayor's current wife Sally to be at home alone, believing that she would be targeted. Gloria attempted to murder Sally, but she was stopped by her son. She was then sent to a mental health facility.


  • Several elements of Gloria's story were left unspecified. It was never established how or why her death was faked (complete with a grave and headstone), or where she lived after faking her death.
    • It is also unclear why Gloria waited until her husband had started a new romance before killing each wife. It is fair to deduce that the wives were not alone (and therefore vulnerable) until the Mayor had begun to spend time with a new paramour.