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Girly Mac was an automobile mechanic in Dick Tracy's city. He was a slender man with light hair and a moustache. He typically wore dark glasses, even indoors.

Victim of Gang Violence[]

Mac specialized in building high-powered "funny" cars. One day, he was test driving one of his cars when he stopped to make an adjustment to the engine. He was approached by a group of four criminals who were fleeing police. They held him at gunpoint and took his car. He warned them that they would not be able to control it, but one of the criminals (called Arty Sidesaddle) claimed to have experience as a stock car racer and drove the funny car away.

Girly Mac's car was then observed by police in a Space Coupe. A chase ensued, and the criminals crashed the car which caught fire and burned them all to death. Mac's car was completely ruined and he was furious about the loss.

Dick Tracy brought young Homer Barley (also known as "Peanutbutter") to meet Girly Mac. The criminals who stole Mac's car had also kidnapped Peanutbutter and were fleeing the scene of where they had left him to die when they stole Mac's car. Mac believed that Peanutbutter was partially to blame for the loss of his car, and they fought until Tracy separated them.

Tracy became suspicious of how Mac could afford to build such an expansive and elaborate vehicle and returned to Mac's garage. He arrived as Mac was being threatened by Moldy Mink, a criminal who had loaned Mac money at high interest and was demanding payment. Tracy recognized Mink and (after a brief skirmish) took him into custody.

Moldy Mink


  • Girly Mac kicked and punched Homer Barley (a child), after which Homer was shown to have a black eye and broken eyeglasses. This happened as Dick Tracy watched. It is not clear why Mac was apparently not charged with assault and battery.