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Ginger Ferret was the sixteen-year-old daughter of Constable Ferret. She had long dark hair and light eyes.

Ginger was first seen visiting her father, mother and newborn triplet brothers in the same hospital where Dick Tracy was being treated for a gunshot wound.

An attractive young woman (as well as a thrill-seeker), it was quickly revealed that Ginger was the girlfriend of Jimmy “Trigger” Doom, an underworld figure. She occasionally informed him of her father's plans, enabling him to avoid capture. Trigger “branded” Ginger using some printers’ letters and a sun lamp to burn his name into her back.

Trigger took Ginger with him on a robbery at a drive-in restaurant. During their escape, Trigger lost control of the vehicle on a winding country road and crashed into a billboard. The vehicle burst into flames. Trigger escaped the burning car, but Ginger died in the fire.