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The three identical brothers referred to as "The Giggly Triplets" were criminals in Dick Tracy's city. They were slender men with light wavy hair and prominent front teeth. They dressed alike in an effort to make it difficult for witnesses to tell them apart.

Two of the brothers engaged in an armed robbery while the third brother waited to drive the getaway car. During the course of the robbery, the shopkeeper was shot and killed. A policeman was also shot. Lizz and Groovy Grove apprehended the driver while the other two brothers were caught by other officers.

At police headquarters, it was discovered that the brothers carried no identification and no had criminal records against which to match their fingerprints. They gave their names as Joe, John, and James Doe, but these were assumed to be aliases.

Using scientific detection, Tracy was able to determine which of the brothers had fired the gun. The other two were then charged as accessories to the robbery and murder.


  • In the introductory essay in The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 26, writer Max Allan Collins posited that the Giggly Triplets were coded as homosexual, and that this is what was meant when they were referred to as "the new giggly type". If that is the case, it is not clear why Chester Gould would have considered homosexuality to be "new".
  • Dick Tracy indicated that the brother who was guilty of the shooting would face the death penalty. The fate of the three Giggly Triplets is not known.