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George Wheaten owned and operated a dairy farm some distance from Dick Tracy's city. He was an older man with rugged features and a moustache.

In need of additional farmhands, Wheaten hired 88 Keyes when the fugitive piano player applied for work at an employment agency.

Harboring Keyes[]

George brought Keyes to his farm, where he lived with his wife, son, and daughter Nellie. George quickly became annoyed at Keyes' lack of farming knowledge, his ineptitude at operating the farm equipment, and his habit of shirking his duties to play the family organ. George also disapproved of Nellie's infatuation with Keyes.

When Dick Tracy managed to track Keyes to Wheaten's farm, Wheaten cooperated with Tracy's inquiries. He became frantic with worry when Nellie took the family car to help Keyes escape, and he was relieved when his daughter was safely recovered.

George expressed annoyance when Nellie displayed an affection for Tracy that matched her affection for Keyes.

Drama at the Wheaten Farm[]

Years later, George discovered the amnesiac Sparkle Plenty in the back of his truck. Sparkle had become dazed after being zapped by the new "Moon Maid", and had crawled into the bed of George's pickup. George, who did not recognize Sparkle despite her celebrity, took her to his farm to see to her recovery. He found that Sparkle responded to the name "Gertie", which was the name of his wife's mother (both of whom had passed away).

By coincidence, "Moon Maid" herself later took refuge at the Wheaten farm, after fleeing her captors. She used the name "Mindy", and Sparkle and the Wheatens did not recognize her.


Pop Wheaten in 2013, with Hy Pressure (left)

While this was happening, George was being intimidated into selling his farm by the Apparatus agent Hy Pressure. George refused, believing that Pressure intended to use his land for the practice known as "fracking". Pressure implied that harm might befall George's daughter if he continued to resist.

Later, Sparkle's family discovered her on Wheaten's farm and her memory returned. A showdown took place at the farm between law enforcement and the various criminal organizations that were involved. A violent storm struck the area, and Pressure was killed by flying debris. The remaining criminals fled.

The Wheatens believed that the threat to themselves and their farm had ended, and the mystery of the new "Moon Maid" was resolved shortly thereafter.


  • George has also been referred to "Pop" Wheaten. His last name has sometimes been represented as "Wheaton" or "Wharton".
  • George's son was not officially named, though 88 Keyes addressed him as "Junior". It was unclear if his name was actually George Jr., or if this was an example of Keyes being glib.
  • At the time of Wheaten's reappearance in the strip in 2013, it was stated that his wife had passed away. His son was not shown to be living at the farm, but it was not explicitly stated whether the son had died or moved away.