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George Tawara was an American actor of Japanese ancestry. As a child, he had been interred at Camp Freedom during World War II.

George Tawara came to Dick Tracy's city to prepare a stage play based on his life. George was contacted by Tracy when a mysterious murder confession was found at the former site of Camp Freedom. George then became embroiled in the case of Sweatbox.

Some time later, George provided Tracy with some information during the Midnite Mirror case.


  • George Tawara was based on the real-life actor George Takei (of Star Trek). Takei's likeness (and that of his husband Brad) was used with permission. The reason for the name-change has not been clearly established.
  • Tawara stated that he and Tracy had worked on a feature film together at some point in the past. This would presumably have been The Dick Tracy Story, but this was not confirmed.