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George Ozone was an eccentric millionaire as well as a health and fitness enthusiast. He rescued the criminal Mumbles from drowning and hired him to be a tutor to his sons Neki & Hokey.

Fitness Fanatic[]

Ozone and his sons lived on a yacht, where Ozone indulged his passion for health and fitness. He ate only health food and his custom-made "Ozone pellets" (insisting that Mumbles do the same) and exercised rigorously. After a while, Mumbles grew tired of this and determined to kill Ozone and steal a fortune that the man had hidden away in an underwater cache.

Ozone intended the sunken treasure to be his sons' (tax-free) inheritance, and he had a map to the treasure's location tattooed on the insteps of their feet. Mumbles sent Ozone's ex-wife, Cinn, to murder Ozone. Cinn caught up with George in the records room of the Daily Headline newspaper, where Ozone had gone to research Mumbles' criminal past (May 16th, 1955). Cinn shot Ozone with a poison dart and made her escape. Ozone was discovered and rushed to the hospital where he died soon after being admitted.

Ozone's Legacy[]

Mumbles later turned on Cinn and killed her, before apparently drowning in an attempt to access the sunken treasure.


Years later, the geneticist Dr. Zy Ghote would claim that Ozone had funded his early cloning research, though this claim was not substantiated.

Some time later, the second criminal known as the Ace of Spades referred to a hidden fortune that Ozone had supposedly left that had never been found.


  • Ozone was proud of his longevity and vitality. In 1955, he often made mention of the fact that he was 84 years old, which would put his date of birth between 1870 and 1872.